GDPR Compliance & Privacy Policy For EU Users

At QuotesLane, we respect your concerns about privacy and value the relationship that we have with you.
Like many others, we also use the cookies at QuotesLane, strictly to analyze traffic to our website and for ads measurements purposes.

Steps taken to comply with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

If you're visiting from EU

  • No personalized ads will be displayed to EU visitors. (Option configured using google adsense EU user consent for ads display.)
  • We use google adsense to display non-personalized ads only to EU visitors.
  • We do not store any personally identifiable information.
  • We do not have registration or login feature on our website.
  • Our website do not provide any comment section and we do not use any web forms to collect information from users.
  • We do not use a newsletter sign-up form.
  • Our website do not have any chat feature.
  • We use google analytics strictly to analyze traffic and for ads measurements purposes.
  • We use anonymize ip tracking feature for google analytics to maintain GDPR regulation.
  • We do not use cookies for remarketing and advertising reporting features.
  • We do not use the user id feature in google analytics.
  • Our site uses safe SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is the standard security technology.
  • We use google analytics by exactmetrics, strictly to analyze traffic, through which we also enabled anonymize ip tracking feature for google analytics to maintain GDPR regulation, please see the exactmetrics privacy policy.
  • We use ithemes security and according to them the ip address of visitors are conditionally logged to check for malicious activities and to protect the site from specific kinds of attacks. Examples of conditions: when requests for suspicious URLs, changes to site content are made and this information is retained for 60 days.
    Moreover according to ithemes security this site is scanned for potential malware and vulnerabilities by Sucuri’s SiteCheck and along side no personal information are send to Sucuri. For more details, please see Sucuri’s privacy policy. Security logs are retained for 60 days. This site is part of a network of sites that protect against distributed brute force attacks. For privacy policy details, please see the ithemes privacy policy.
  • We use really simple ssl and really simple ssl add-ons in which according to them, they do not process any personal identifiable information. You can find their privacy policy over here.

How Cookies are used?

Cookies are tiny text files that are stored on a user’s browser. Most cookies contain a unique identifier called a cookie ID: a string of characters that websites and servers associate with the browser on which the cookie is stored. This allows websites and servers to distinguish the browser from other browsers that store different cookies, and to recognize each browser by its unique cookie ID.

AdSense uses cookies to improve advertising. Cookies themselves contain no personally identifiable information.

Third-party and first-party cookies
Cookies are categorized as third-party or first-party depending on whether they are associated with the domain of the site a user visits. Third-party cookies are associated with a domain that is different from the domain of the site a user visits. The third-party cookies used by AdSense for advertising purposes may be associated with the or country-specific Google domains such as Note that this doesn’t change the name or content of the actual cookie. The difference between a third-party cookie and a first-party cookie is only a matter of which domain a browser is pointed toward. The exact same kind of cookie might be sent in either scenario.

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